The Felipe Segovia Foundation strives to promote the educational thinking and beliefs that inspired the work of the founder of SEK Education Group to benefit the improvement of educational quality “for the perfection of humanity and to improve a better society”.

‘Education is the process of all-round perfection of humanity, guiding its realisation and its active insertion in society and culture’ (Un nuevo horizonte educativo, 1969).

Based on this, the work of the Felipe Segovia Foundation is student-centred and hinges on the following axes: Freedom and education, educational research and innovation, dignifying the teaching profession and advocating for the leading role of learning.

The Felipe Segovia Foundation serves SEK Education Group – SEK International Schools and the University Camilo José Cela – and Spanish society, through its initiatives in favour of the participation of civil society in the educational sector, transforming the system, education and the acknowledgement of the importance of teaching professionals.

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