8th Felipe Segovia Symposium

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The aim of this new Symposium will be to share our teaching and learning experiences within the framework of the Global Education Forum Manifesto.

In October 2021, UCJC held the Global Education Forum 3rd Act with the aim of reflecting on the future of higher education. This event was organised around four key pillars that represent the foundations on which higher education must be built: Entrepreneurship, Well-being, Social Impact and Digitization.

Prior to the start of the main event, a group of experts worked together at an international level to design the lines that would structure the future of higher education. This think tank published a series of conclusions regarding the topics discussed: lifelong learning, campus infrastructure, financing of higher education or the school-university transition, among others. These conclusions were summarised in our MANIFESTO.

The purpose of this event will be to share experiences related to the twelve points of our Manifesto, which you can learn about here.

As in previous editions, the Symposium will be a learning space showcasing presentations based on the main points that make up the Manifesto. Within each strand, between four and six presentations will be given, with the aim of generating discussion, team reflection and planning among the members of the strand. This year, in addition, all the speakers will share an explanatory video of their presentation prior to the event.

The 8th Symposium will be held in a hybrid format, so all the members of our community can take part, either in person, online or by blending both.

We encourage you to review all the content and conclusions of the GEF and the Manifesto. Shortly, we will send an invitation to those who wish to participate as speakers or moderators.

Objectives of the 8th Felipe Segovia Symposium

The objective of this new Symposium will be to share the professional inquiries of the IESEK Learning Community within the framework of the Global Education Forum Manifesto.

Structure of the 8th Felipe Segovia Symposium

Plenary Session

Progress and reflections will be shared regarding the professional inquiries presented at the 7th Symposium


Structured around the professional inquiries of the IESEK Learning Community within the framework of the Global Education Forum Manifesto.

As in the previous Symposium, the members of the community who present their professional inquiries must do so in the context of one of the points of the GEF Manifesto, and participate in the corresponding strand, as a speaker presenting their inquiry.

The rest of the community members who want to participate as attendees, must choose a strand, to then generate a learning community, where collaboration, conversation and co-creation arise.

All members of SEK Education Group are invited to share their professional inquiries.


  • Week of 25-29 April: The CGD and the UCJC team will send the information on the relevant aspects of the organisation, entry of presentations and videos to teaching and non-teaching staff. The information is collated in the PowerPoint (first DOC copied here 8th Symposium). Meeting with the 8th Symposium coordinators with school and UCJC staff.
  • 29 April – 20 May: Work and reflection on the points of the GEF Manifesto and their application at schools and UCJC. Creation of a single repository of information in Teams where information from schools and universities will be collected. (DOC: ES-VIII Simposium and EN-VIII Simposium.)
  • From 9 to 13 May: Meeting with the moderators of the 7th Symposium.
  • 23 May: launch of the registration form for moderators and speakers. (DOC: EN-VIII Simposium and ES-VIII Simposium.)
  • 6 June: Reminder to the coordinators of the 8th Symposium for the registration of the papers.
  • 15 June: Analysis of the candidatures presented for Moderator and Presentations (number by educational stage, number in each of the points of the Manifesto, language…). *If there is an insufficient number of papers, agree on the date for the second meeting. with the coordinators of the 8th Symposium in September and a new registration closing date (for example, early October).
  • 20 September: last for submission of the summary video of each presentation.
  • 20 October: Last day of submission of all the documentation required for entering each presentation.
  • From 2 to 9 November: organisation of presentations for each strand.
  • From November 11 to 18: registration period for attendees in the Strands. Moderators and speakers must be automatically registered when their participation is authorised.

How to be a speaker?

Requirements for submission of professional inquiries:

  • Educators, members of the leadership team, students from SEK International Schools or UCJC, as well as staff from the Corporate Office may submit professional inquiries.
  • The objective of the presentation is to share the professional inquiry no matter what stage of the process the inquiry is in, to obtain feedback from other colleagues and collaborations or other contributions.
  • The presentation should address any professional inquiry that is being developed. This must be analysed and presented, focusing on one of the points of the GEF Manifesto.
  • The duration of the presentation will be limited and should take into account additional time for questions or comments from other participants.
  • Presentations must follow the same format and a template will be provided to all speakers.
  • 15 June is the date for the analysis of the submitted presentations.

This invitation is open to all members of the SEK Education Group community (teachers, administrative staff and students from SEK International Schools, UCJC and Corporate employees).

How to be a moderator?

Each strand will be led by a moderator, role that will have as main function to lead the discussion and lead the reflections.

Following the presentations, the moderator should work and compile the conclusions and next steps to follow with the rest of the participants of the Strand.

The moderator can be a teacher or a member of the leadership team; students from years 2 Baccalaureate / 2 Diploma from SEK International Schools or UCJC students can also be moderators. Students must have a letter of recommendation from at least one teacher.

People who wish to be moderators must be dynamic and willing to facilitate the discussion, in addition, they must ensure that the presentations are within the set times and encourage the participation of those attending the Strand.

15 June is the date for the analysis of entries for Moderator.

How to participate in Strands?

From 11 to 18 November 2022: the registration period opens for Strand attendees.

The Strands have a limited capacity so registration will be closed when it reaches its maximum capacity. Once the registration period is closed, no more attendees will be admitted.