9th Felipe Segovia Symposium:
“Impactful learning experiences”

Our ethos includes, in the words of Don Felipe Segovia, SEK Education Group’s commitment to “the perfection of humanity and to improve a better society.”

The educational model and pedagogical principles are the groundwork for the different ways we pursue this commitment, but it is our competency profile that defines more exactly what this perfection is, hinging on five main aspects: Personal transformation, relational and organisational transformation, transformation for sustainability, knowledge transformation and learning for transformation.

We call them “transformations” because the ambition is to ensure that our educational work has an impact. An intentional, measurable, visible impact. An education that is relevant for learners in relation with themselves, with others and with the world. This competency model is our educational lodestone, it defines the kind of person we aspire to accompany and, ideally, perfect with our efforts.

The challenge for us as an educational institution and in our commitment to assessment is to be able to demonstrate that impact, beyond our intentions: through evidence of learning, rubrics, self-assessment or any other systematic way that allows us to measure for improvement.

Every day, in our classrooms and outside of them, there are multiple examples of how we ensure this objective. We call those projects, initiatives, curricular or co-curricular decisions “impactful learning experiences.”

The purpose of this 9th Symposium will be to identify these impactful learning experiences, present them and continue working on improving them.

As in previous editions, the Symposium will be one more space for learning among the IESEK community. Each work session will feature different experiences with the aim of generating discussion, team reflection and planning among strand members.

The 9th Symposium will be held in person and online and in both Spanish and English.

Impactfull learning experiences