Among the awards and distinctions for his professional life are the following:

Grand Cross of Alfonso X the Wise

Academic homage to Felipe Segovia, 6 June 2013

  • Commander of the Civil Order of Alfonso X, the Wise in 1970
  • Youth Medal
  • Star of the Order Juan Montalvo (Ecuador)
  • INCIE Award for Educational Research
  • European Medal of Merit
  • Golf Gold Medal of Merit
  • Rotary Club Paul Harris Award
  • Honorary Collegiate of the Official Colleges of Doctors and Graduates of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha
  • Laurel and citizen of honour of the City of Patras (Greece)
  • Gold Master’s of the Forum de Alta Dirección
  • Great Cross of Maritime Merit of the Royal Spanish Naval League
  • Medal of the Region of Madrid
  • Fundación Madrid por la Excelencia Award
  • UNICEF Award in 2009 for ‘Educating in Values’.
  • Magisterio Award, to his professional trajectory
  • Great Cross to Naval Merit
  • Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem