The Felipe Segovia Foundation, offered all the teaching staff from SEK Schools and Camilo José Cela University the opportunity to share and celebrate their best teaching practices, around the ideals of a man whose philosophy on education defined the roots of the SEK Education Group.



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The 1st Felipe Segovia Symposium  was held on 13 November 2015.  Teachers and lecturers from the Schools and the University, as well as students from the UCJC School of Education were invited to attend and take part in this space for reflection and professional development that celebrated talent and experience, featuring the most cutting-edge initiatives to improve student’s learning experience and that are the hallmark of the Group.

This first year hinged on: “the student, the measure of the life and education at the SEK Group”, the first of the Group’s ideological concepts and at the core of its educational activity. The practices presented at the event highlighted the role of the student as the driver of his or her own learning process.

The event was structured around three speaking panels: ‘Learning Spaces’, ‘Teaching and learning: strategies’ and ‘Educational Innovation at the University’. These presentations outlined initiatives related to creative spaces, Makerspaces, maths teaching methods and the SEK Lab, among others.

With the aim of expanding the participation of the whole SEK Educational Community, the following tools were used: Streaming, the internal social network Yammer, the video social network Wooze and Twitter and Facebook.

Special emphasise was placed on the participation of the whole Educational Community, because we are all teachers and students, and because, as Felipe Segovia said, ‘You learn to teach everyday’.

The event closed with the annual SEK Day tribute to the Group’s staff.

10:00 to 10:30 Opening ceremony

10:30 to 11:45 PANEL 1.  Learning spaces

Learning outside the box. Jeremy Neisch, Mª Dolores Parra and Alicia Rubio 

Creative learning spacesJudith Canning and Daniela Kemeny

SEK MakerSpaces. Mercedes RedondoBeatriz Duroand Alfonso Fernandez

11:45 to 12:15 Coffee break

12:15 to 13:30 PANEL 2. Teaching and learning: strategies

‘Nosotros sumamos, tú multiplicas.’ Marian Portela and Ana Mª Fernandez

A walk through Maths. Juan José Ramírez Gonzalez

La voz de ellos en lugar de mi vozCecilia Villavicencio and Carmen Sánchez

13:30 to 15:00 Lunch

15:00 to 16:15 PANEL 3. Innovación educativa en la universidad

Espacio educativo de literaturas interactivas. Sonia Betancort

Empresa de atención sanitaria y gestión de eventos deportivosJesús GoudemarMonserrat RuizBlanca Romero and six students from the School of Health

SEKLab. Felix López and Jesús Torres

16:30 to 17:30 Presentation of the SEK Group Awards

17:30 to 18:00 Closing ceremony of the Symposium

19:00 SEK Day

The 2nd Felipe Segovia Symposium was held on 11 November 2016. An event for all the teaching community that showcased the best teaching initiatives in the different field of learning at SEK International Schools and Camilo José Cela University.

In this second edition, the Felipe Segovia Symposium revolves around the concept of: SEK Education Group, a learning community.

The first block featured the makerspaces, and a discussion on the maker movement, with an opening address by Professor Stephen Heppell.

Over forty initiatives launched over the past academic year at SEK International Schools and Camilo José Cela University were showcased, as part of the workshops on best practices, which featured:

  • Go To NASA (SEK Baccalaureate Award), a project where Baccalaureate students from SEK-Catalunya travelled to Houston (USA) to visit the NASA facilities.
  • Connecting people: From school to maker culture
  • Master’s Degree in Image and Political Consulting (UCJC Award to International Projection)
  • Flipped Learning in the PYP classroom (SEK Award for Early Childhood Education)

Small smarties project in 3rd of primary’ (SEK Award for Primary)

  • We are an Educational Community (UCJC Award to Innovation)
  • Harkness Table: An environment for developing PYP abilities
  • 1st Science and Technology Fair Stem Atlántico Project (both SEK Awards for Secondary school) or
  • Visual Arts in Education (UCJC Award to interdisciplinarity), among others.

The results of the Cocreation Team A workshop were reviewed and the Junior Advisory Board was presented, an advisory board made up of ten students from SEK International Schools.

At the end of the event, the SEK Awards were presented, paying special homage to the figure of Felipe Segovia Olmo, who was recently awarded the Grand Cross of Alfonso X the Wise for his work in education.

Logo II SIMPOSIUM Felipe Segovia (con fecha)

‘One learns to teach every day’

Felipe Segovia Olmo

The 3rd Felipe Segovia Symposium took place on November 10, 2017, in the classrooms of the SEK-El Castillo International School and the Camilo José Cela University Campus

The meeting offered the opportunity to showcase numerous education initiatives that are being carried out and developed in the different learning environments of SEK International Schools and Camilo José Cela University, bringing together 450 people at the UCJC campus and in the classrooms of SEK-El Castillo.

At an event marking the 125th anniversary of the SEK Education Group, over 80 teachers actively took part in the 37 projects showcased at the event.

The Symposium in images

Video 3rd Symposium

 Learning Gallery

SEK Awards