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Cookies used on

  • Google Analytics: The property of Google Inc. Does not provide an audience analysis service for our page. This company may use this data to improve its own services and to offer services to other companies. Information about such other uses can be obtained from the links shown. This tool does not obtain user names, nor the postal address from which they have connected. The information gathered relates, for example, to the number of pages visited, language, the social network to which our news is posted, the city to which the IP address used for connection by the users is assigned, the number of users visiting the page, the frequency and recurrence of such visits, the time of the visit, the browser used, the operating system and type of equipment from which the visit is made.
  • Google Adwords: The property of Google Inc. Thanks to this tool we can monitor accesses to our site from announcements published by in the Google Adwords network.
  • Third-party cookies: Some cookies sent by our site are managed by applications and extensions installed on our systems by third-party companies.  Such cookies are for the recognition of your terminal during subsequent visits to other integrated web sites in order to offer advertising material oriented to your article preferences.

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Acceptance of cookies

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