Felipe Segovia Prize for best SEK student.

The aim of this scholarship is to support a 4th year Secondary School SEK student with high-level academic and personal achievements to go on to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at an authorised SEK school.

This scholarship is awarded by decision of the Felipe Segovia Foundation Board of Trustees, based on the SEK students selected for the SEK Excellence scholarship programme. It covers 100% of tuition fees for the Diploma Programme and 100% of complementary services.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have studied year 4 of secondary school (ESO).
  • Have studied for at least seven school years at a SEK school consecutively.
  • Have obtained an average mark of 9 points in ESO year 3 and the first and second assessments for year 4.

The terms and conditions are available on the SEK International Schools website. Holders of the past three years have been:

Víctor Arribas

  • 3rd Edition 2016.
  • School: SEK-Ciudalcampo
  • Víctor Arribas has selected for the scholarship in its third year in 2016. Víctor has been studying at the SEK Group since Early Childhood Education. He has an impressive academic record and is an outstandingly creative, hard-working boy with a great personality and is very popular with his classmates and teachers.

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Adrián Doña Mateo

  • 2nd edition 2015
  • School: SEK-Alborán

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José López Rúa Taboada

  • 1st edition 2014
  • School: SEK-El Castillo.

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