SEK Education Group has been a UNICEF partner for education since 2004. Furthermore, SEK became the first UNICEF Partner School in Spain and its commitment to the ‘School Reinforcement Programme for Girls in Senegal’ has benefited over 56,200 girls in 187 schools in the Kolda region of south Senegal. Support for the UNICEF Gotas para Níger campaign has contributed to improving levels of survival of newborn babies in the African country.



The LQDVI Foundation  aims to promote the development and dissemination of universal human, ethical and moral values among the general public through cultural activities.

The SEK Group collaborates with the Lo  Que De Verdad Importa Foundation through the Felipe Segovia Foundation as an Partner Educational Body, providing general support to the activities of LQDVI.


Fundación Balia

Fundación Balia’s mission is geared towards the social inclusion of disadvantaged minors and works in disadvantaged areas of Spain with high levels of immigration.

The SEK Group supports the annual meetings of the Fundación Balia and offers SEK school students the chance to participate in volunteering initiatives at Balia centres in Madrid.


Spanish Royal Navy League.

Collaboration with the UCJC Chair in Maritime Studies and cultural events with emeritus teachers.

United World Colleges (UWC)

Collaboration in scholarships for studying the Diploma programme.

Junior Achievement

Collaboration with Baccalaureate students

Banco Santander

Collaboration with MIMUN and SEKMUN