SEK Education Group, through its Felipe Segovia Foundation, invites all the members of the Educational Community to take part in the 21st SEK Awards to the Best Educational Practices.

The aim of this Award is to promote, through action-research, innovative educational practices in classrooms in order to transform education. Within the framework of continuous improvement of our Learning Community, the Award aims to identify and recognize best practices that place students at the heart of the educational process and contribute to the development of 21st Century skills.

The 21st SEK Awards feature three categories: 

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University Camilo José Cela Awards

These awards go to the best projects, educational practices and experiences that foster the three main keystones of the UCJC strategy: interdisciplinarity, innovation and internationalisation.

Who can take part: Camilo José Cela University staff (Teaching and non-teaching staff)

UCJC Awards

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SEK International Schools Awards

These awards go to the most original best practices and learning experiences from all members of the SEK International Schools community.

Who can take part: SEK International Schools staff (Teaching and non-teaching staff).

SEK Awards

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Social Commitment Awards

These awards aim to publicly recognise SEK Group staff with an outstanding personal and/or professional commitment to social issues,

Who can take part: SEK Education Group, Camilo José Cela University and SEK International Schools staff (Teaching and non-teaching staff).

Social Commitment Awards