The Symposium will be organised in Strands, grouping 4 to 6 presentations according to the aspects of the UCJC Competency Model / SEK Profile. In each strand, various SEK and UCJC professionals will take part by sharing their professional inquiries and will also have other members of the SEK Group who wish to participate as assistants.

The Strands will be made up of a maximum of 20 – 25 people, with the aim of developing small professional learning communities, where co-creation, feedback, and collaboration are facilitated.

Each strand will have a moderator whose role will be to lead the discussion, lead the reflections and facilitate the conclusions.

The moderator may be a SEK or UCJC educator, or a member of the leadership team, year 2 Baccalaureate or Diploma students from SEK schools or UCJC students can also be moderators. If you are a student, you must have a letter of recommendation from at least one teacher.

At the end of the Symposium, the moderator will have to share a brief synthesis of the conclusions of their strand.

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