The 7th Felipe Segovia Symposium will be held on 26 November with the aim of analysing and exploring how our students and staff develop their competencies, within the context of the UCJC Competency Model and the SEK Profile.

We invite all members of our community to share their professional inquiries and their teaching-learning experiences from the perspective of the UCJC Competency Model and the dimensions of the SEK Profile.

The aim of this meeting is to give and receive feedback, find potential collaborators, and co-design practices related to learning by competencies, within the framework of the UCJC Model and the SEK Profile.

Presentations may be led by SEK and UCJC students, SEK and UCJC teachers, members of the corporate offices, and other members of our community.

If you are a SEK teacher, your presentation must also be included in the FLM Playbook, and must indicate using the tags, the dimension(s) of the SEK Profile dimension that the professional inquiry, or teaching and learning experience, responds to. If you need support doing this, please get in touch with

General Information

You must choose at least one and no more than three

CommunicationWellbeing and healthCritical thinking, inquiry, entrepreneurship and focus on solutionsGlobal citizenship, social innovation and community actionLeadership, adventure and expedition experienceThe world of workDigital competence and citizenshipArts and cultural commitmentPersonal achievement

Choose all that apply

Early Childhood and Year 1 and 2 Primary SchoolPYP 3 - 5MYPDiploma ProgrammeBaccalaureateAll the schoolUCJC degree or master'sOther

Choose all that apply

In-person learningOnline learningDistance learning (only applies to SEK schools)Blended learningN/AOthers

Must three lines maximum

EnglishSpanishIt could be in either language

Fill in the information for each person giving the presentation. If you are only 1 person, complete this first section only. If there are 2 or more people, complete a section for each one.

Datos personas que presentan

Person 1

Corporate headquartersSEK-AlboránSEK-AtlánticoSEK-CatalunyaSEK-CiudalcampoSEK-DublínSEK-El CastilloSEK-Les AlpesSEK-Santa IsabelSEK-QatarUCJC

Year 2 Baccalaureate/Diploma studentUCJC Student School of EducationSEK LecturerUCJC LecturerSEK administrative staffUCJC administrative staffCorporate headquarters staff

Yes, I have included my inquiry in the PlaybookI am not a SEK Teacher, therefore I have not included my inquiry in the FLM Playbook