A ChatGPT that designs learning activities for children in Cambodia

The collaboration between the UCJC Foundation, the Felipe Segovia Foundation, and the Educational Innovation Department of SEK Education Group, as part of their support for the Fundación Por la Sonrisa de un Niño (PSE), has provided this organisation with an artificial intelligence tool that has generated over 240 math, biology, history, or geography activities and games, divided by subjects and educational levels, and adapted to the needs and context in which they work.

This initiative has already benefited more than two thousand children in Cambodia who have received training, and more than 200 young people who have found a way to have an employment contract as instructors and coordinators of these activities.

SEK Education Group and PSE aim to promote education among children and young people living in extreme poverty in Cambodia, particularly by focusing on providing assistance, protection and training to these children during vacation periods.