SEK Group publishes Learning in the Third Millennium to mark its 125th Anniversary

This new publication sets out the framework on which SEK Education Group, celebrating its 125th anniversary, bases its unique and singular educational model.

Learning in the Third Millennium presents an in-depth discussion on the raison d’etre of education through how modern-day society will meet the major challenges of the future horizon of education in a world in constant change.

Why education? What we learn? Who learns? When? Where? How much? How? With whom? With what? Why? The publication is based on a set of core questions that, based on SEK’s ethos, values and principles, enable readers to identify an new era of learning.

As can be read in the pages of Learning in the Third Millennium, ‘the magnitude and pace of change in our times demands a new and different outlook on every aspect of education’. The SEK Group, in a demonstration of the pioneering spirit that has been always been one of its hallmarks, sees the future of education as an opportunity to continue to offer your children the best learning experience.

‘Education is no more than a reflection on Man’s destiny’, said Felipe Segovia Olmo, founder of SEK Education Group.