Welcome to the 6th Felipe Segovia Simposium

The 6th Felipe Segovia Symposium will take place online on 16 November 2020, our goal will be to offer continuity to the Professional Learning of teachers at SEK Schools and UCJC.


A Think-Action Tank was held in June with a series of collaborative sessions that brought together different professionals from UCJC and SEK Schools. It was an opportunity for reflection and collaboration where we were able to design the SEK Schools Future Learning Model and the UCJC New Model for Teaching and Learning.

It is now time to realise these models, and Professional Learning is an important part of this.

The goal for Professional Learning is for teachers to collaborate and co-design practices through Professional Inquiries, where they explore questions, problems or ideas and propose solutions through micro-innovations.

Professional Learning takes place year-round at SEK Schools, and this 6th Symposium will be an additional opportunity for this.