The new UCJC teaching framework outlines an expanded educational model that goes beyond the university’s physical and temporal spaces, through a hybrid and flexible framework. This model for learning offers students different academic, content related and virtual resources and simulators, all of which are accessible on the UCJC teaching platforms.

This new method extends and complements face-to-face teaching and learning, with online sessions and interactive resources that offer a much more all-round and attractive augmented learning experience.

The three main areas that are articulated in the UCJC Virtual Methodology are multimedia theoretical content, practical content (case studies, tutored practical assignments, synchronous forums…) and virtual tools for simulations.

In this new academic year, the different degrees will incorporate Artificial Intelligence, simulators, gamification (presential or digital) as teaching methods, whether inside the classroom or via remote connection.

1 – The new model features a multi-environment classroom, where learning takes place both in physical and digital environments and throughout the university campus.

2 – There is a relationship between the learning objects of the new model and the applied teaching methodologies.

3 – Learning objects take place in any environment.