One of our main strategic lines is to create spaces for Professional Learning and Collaborative Planning, which will improve learning and teaching, through professional commitment and pride, and that will develop our teachers’ skills and capabilities.

As learners, teachers will work on Professional Inquiries, a self-directed and collaborative process of inquiry and action through which they explore a problem, question or topic related to their specific context.

Professional Inquiries

Teachers will identify the areas they want to explore, or problems they need to resolve, in relation to their student’s learning and their teaching practice. Through their inquiries, teachers will find a solution or response to the problem they are exploring. This solution will take the form of a micro-innovation.

The Professional Inquiries by SEK teachers should explore the ways to implement the elements of the Future Learning Model, throughout the different programmes, and under the different learning scenarios (online, presential, distance, or blended).

Some examples of questions teachers can use to guide their Professional Inquiries are:

  • How can we implement the revised Intelligent Classroom learning sequence in our grade level for the online learning of mathematics?
  • In what ways can we ensure the revised IC learning sequence is developmentally appropriate for our students?
  • How can we promote self-directed learning in the context of the IC learning sequence?
  • How can we take advantage of the online scenario to transform learning in the context of the Intelligent Classroom?
  • What strategies of formative assessment can we implement to positively impact learning?
  • In what ways can we make sure students understand their next steps for learning?
  • How can we motivate learner agency, voice and ownership in the context of presential learning?
  • What technological tools/resources can we use to support learning throughout the School in each stage of the revised IC learning sequence?
  • What Global Citizenship and Social Innovation projects can we develop with our students to give the curriculum a real context?
  • How can we ensure a collaborative reflection process involving our community, which supports our NEASC/ACE accreditation process?

Professional Learning Structure

The inquiry process is meant to be self-directed and collaborative. Teachers can form groups within the same school, or across different SEK schools, and then choose a topic or question to inquire into.

This inquiry will be conducted over the school year and the Symposium will be a chance to share with others a snapshot of where the group is in their process.

We suggest that teachers use the Design Thinking process to carry out their inquiries, although Schools and teachers are welcome to structure their inquiries in whatever way they consider is best.

Before the Symposium

It is important to take the following into account, in terms of preparing for the Symposium:

  • We suggest that the teachers identify their interests/needs/questions for Professional Learning.
  • That they set up collaborative groups in school for Professional Learning.
  • Professional Learning groups should set aside time for an initial brainstorm, or preliminary investigation, into what they will be developing.

This will allow the teams to share their Professional Learning plans at the Symposium.

The Symposium will be a collaborative space in which to share these Professional Inquiries and their resulting micro-innovations. Teachers may present:

  • Where they are in their process of Professional Learning and what their next steps are
  • The result of their Professional Learning, inquiry and resulting micro-innovation, if it is finished
  • A Professional Learning proposal, looking for collaborators to develop it
  • A question or problem they are asking, to start your Professional Learning

It is important to remember that the process of Professional Learning will take place throughout the entire school year and what will be shared during the symposium is a snapshot of where teachers are at that moment.