The Future Learning Model is a re-examination of the SEK Intelligent Classroom model based on our experience of the past school year in online learning and teaching. The model takes into account the impact that this experience should have in the future.

The model also highlights the connections between the Intelligent Classroom, the IB, and the ACE Learning Principles (NEASC).

The Future Learning Model sets the general guidelines for the design of practices that have an impact on learning.

Elements of the Future Learning Model

The elements of the Future Learning Model offer a robust and flexible structure for quality learning and teaching, within the framework of the Intelligent Classroom.

Future Learning Model Playbook

The Future Learning Model Playbook is a tool to support the implementation of the Future Learning Model.

This playbook is where we will document the Professional Inquiries led by teachers and will become a supporting resource for teachers in the implementation of the Future Learning Model.

The Future Learning Morning Playbook will be developed collaboratively by all members of the teaching community, as they share their Professional Inquiries and micro-innovations.