The Symposium will be structured around different strands that group together around four to six presentations. Each strand will include around 20 people, with a few of these participants presenting their Professional Learning plans.

The goal is to develop small communities of professional learning, where co-creation, feedback and collaboration can happen.

  • Each strand will gather different presentations of Professional Learning plans. The strand topics will be defined according to the presentations that are submitted; there will be groups of presentations based on programme, learning scenario, or Future Learning Model element.
  • UCJC teachers from the School of Education are invited to take part in the School strands. Along with this, there will be some strands for UCJC, in which other UCJC teachers can take part.
  • Lastly, there will be one special strand, led by UCJC, aimed at students of year 2 Bachillerato: “Soft-skills: más allá de lo académico”. All year 2 Bachillerato students are invited to take part in this strand (it will be led in Spanish).

Along with the strands, which will take place during most of the event, all participants will also attend common plenaries, as well as sessions for the introduction and conclusion of the event.

Choosing your strand

If you are presenting your Professional Learning plans, you must attend the strand where your presentation is showcased. If you are taking part as an attendee, you can choose a strand based on your interests.

The selection of stands will be done on the Felipe Segovia Foundation app.